Friday, August 5, 2011

TOOL #9 Incorporating Classroom Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1. Why tie technology to the objective? You always need to have a purpose for using technology in the classroom. It enhances concepts being taught, helping students make connections. It keeps them focused and on target of objective.

2. Should students be held accountable for stations/centers? Yes,you need to hold all students accountable for use and purpose in the learning environment. World Culture & Geography is such a large subject that leads to so many connections in culture. Six graders need many perimeters in place to guide them in learning. I will have Exit Tickets or Responses made for
using technology. It will help them stay focused & creates ownership in learning.

3.Visit two applicable links to the interactive websites. I thought Thinkfinity had some great apps that I could easily incorporate into centers. National Geographic Atlas was great for reinforcing geography. I would give several tasks for each group to complete & check their screens for grades. Essay Map allows students to bring more information to class discussions with mini research projects & visuals. I also liked Learning Games for Kids for extra geography work.

4. List apps useful for iPod/iPad: I liked several Brainpop activities & also liked Google Earth & Discovery Channel. I would use journal entries for students to complete for summaries, answering questions, illustrations etc....

5. Other ways to use iPod/iPad: I would assign countries for each table & they keep journal entries each day for different categories such as economics, government, dress, food and create visuals to present to class comparing their data to other countries.

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