Thursday, August 4, 2011

TOOL # 8 Taking a Look at the Tools

*Things I have learned:
Using the Netbook, Angela did an excellent job demonstrating how easy it is to take still photos and use the timer. Saving these photos was easy as 1-2-3. Because I will be using iPads in my classroom, I learned iTunes account is our friend and I can download content to my laptop in which will be a useful tool to show on iPads. The 11 screens have unbelievable storage space for these devices. I need a lot of practice using my iTunes account & will need to find myself an EXPERT helper.

*Classroom Management:
Before using any technology in the classroom, I will need to have clear guidelines & expectations posted in the class. Websites allowed for use will also be posted for each project & a hardcopy for each student. Every student & parent must sign & return the SBISD AUP policy found in the Student Handbook. Computer access will be denied for those who don't follow the district policy.
I will assign trustworthy students to pass out & store each device. These routines will be created during TEAM planning and used in all 6th grade social studies' classes. Consequences for improper use will be discussed & created by classes.

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