Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TOOL # 7 Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

I would use the Edmodo Network and begin teaming within the classroom 1st semester. This would enable me to keep up with progress of each group. Each table would research cultural attributes of individual countries from the same continent. I really enjoyed "Show the World" because it compared data with several categories of different choices to use. In the beginning I would select a couple and allow the class to compare data. And hopefully, I would venture out into collaboration of TEAM members with the same class periods from Ms.Ratterree's classes. We both need much prior vocabulary building to be successful during research. Eventually we would take the same skill into more complex ideas from energy needs and resources available by predicting and monitoring countries assigned. Each group would create graphs and post data on classroom graphs.

"My Wonderful World" was a great site for testing geography skills. Making geography skill a priority is a must and this would allow students to have fun at home. The Arts is an area that is also lacking and would be interesting to team up with other classes on projects by downloading videos and visuals using youtube and Picassa. I plan on using iPads during classroom instruction throughout the year for reinforcing concepts being taught.

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