Monday, August 8, 2011

TOOL # 11 Reflection

*I plan on using iPads throughout this school year. I really need to explore more in the apps provided on iPads and become more proficient with certain tools. Then I will integrate into my lessons. I plan on using Google Docs for collaborative approach to teaching and felt this would be quite beneficial for projects with partners or groups. It will be a valuable tool used to check their progress and help pace students. Second semester I plan on creating centers.

*I can't believe all the possibilities for the use of technology in the classroom. I had no idea there were so many programs/applications available and free!!!! I know technology is here to stay & I believe it will enhance my lessons and help students make connections in this big world. I need to think technology when planning my lessons. Their are several computer EXPERTS on my campus and I plan on taking advantage of their computer skills. As an educator I will continue to to ask many questions and work on my computer skills.

*This program was a little overwhelming for me but I made it!!! The tutorials really helped get me through several programs. It needs to be broken down into smaller parts. Teaching 2-3 applications during an inservice would help me become more proficient in each application. Not being able to ask questions was difficult and I made several phone calls to friends for help.

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  1. Glad you made it as well! I missed you at some of the help sessions! :-) Yes, utilize your friendly campus experts. Ya'll have several at SOMS! Try not to wait until January for a few workstations! I can help! :-)