Friday, August 5, 2011

TOOL # 10 Underneath it all-Digital Citizenship

*I need to help students develop responsibility & accountability when using Web research. Making good decisions with digital media is a must.

*Digital Citizenship needs to be addressed across all grade levels. Why not use technology to teach this issue. After all,over 40 million people use internet as their primary resource for research. Their are many videos available such as BrainPop & Child Pledge for an introduction.

*I would review & discuss the SOMS student handbook technology guidelines throughout the year. Teachers need to guide students to use technology effectively & be productive in and outside of the classroom. WE can't expect out young minds to always discipline themselves. They need guidance & boundaries. This is why many sites are filtered out.

*We must guide students to access credible sources & use multiple sources. So many times they go to the first source and take it for granted & not check this information against other sources. Be critical readers!!!

*I would like to discuss with faculty & have guidelines in place for digital Citizenship. Letters going home 1st week of school would highlight our expectations for being a good Digital Citizen. Also, addressing this at Open House would reinforce our policies.

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