Monday, July 25, 2011

TOOL # 6 Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion in & out of the Classroom

Edmodo would be a useful tool for checking progress with individual students or groups.  I would create questions for students to answer prior to lessons for outside exploration. For example- Please practice "Civic Virtue" this weekend and share your experiences in your journals.

I would definitely use Poll Everywhere.  It had a lot of features that could easily be manipulated to teach different categories of government. Students would be given the opportunities to demonstrate voting.   This would lead to some wonderful class discussions.

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  1. Wow Diana! You are back at it! Were you able to set up your Edmodo and create groups? I think it would be good to post videos on and have students comment. I'm also impressed that you're using Poll Everywhere! Great idea for the tie to SS and voting! Students can use the iPads, the netbooks or their own phones!