Monday, August 8, 2011

TOOL # 11 Reflection

*I plan on using iPads throughout this school year. I really need to explore more in the apps provided on iPads and become more proficient with certain tools. Then I will integrate into my lessons. I plan on using Google Docs for collaborative approach to teaching and felt this would be quite beneficial for projects with partners or groups. It will be a valuable tool used to check their progress and help pace students. Second semester I plan on creating centers.

*I can't believe all the possibilities for the use of technology in the classroom. I had no idea there were so many programs/applications available and free!!!! I know technology is here to stay & I believe it will enhance my lessons and help students make connections in this big world. I need to think technology when planning my lessons. Their are several computer EXPERTS on my campus and I plan on taking advantage of their computer skills. As an educator I will continue to to ask many questions and work on my computer skills.

*This program was a little overwhelming for me but I made it!!! The tutorials really helped get me through several programs. It needs to be broken down into smaller parts. Teaching 2-3 applications during an inservice would help me become more proficient in each application. Not being able to ask questions was difficult and I made several phone calls to friends for help.

Friday, August 5, 2011

TOOL # 10 Underneath it all-Digital Citizenship

*I need to help students develop responsibility & accountability when using Web research. Making good decisions with digital media is a must.

*Digital Citizenship needs to be addressed across all grade levels. Why not use technology to teach this issue. After all,over 40 million people use internet as their primary resource for research. Their are many videos available such as BrainPop & Child Pledge for an introduction.

*I would review & discuss the SOMS student handbook technology guidelines throughout the year. Teachers need to guide students to use technology effectively & be productive in and outside of the classroom. WE can't expect out young minds to always discipline themselves. They need guidance & boundaries. This is why many sites are filtered out.

*We must guide students to access credible sources & use multiple sources. So many times they go to the first source and take it for granted & not check this information against other sources. Be critical readers!!!

*I would like to discuss with faculty & have guidelines in place for digital Citizenship. Letters going home 1st week of school would highlight our expectations for being a good Digital Citizen. Also, addressing this at Open House would reinforce our policies.

TOOL #9 Incorporating Classroom Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1. Why tie technology to the objective? You always need to have a purpose for using technology in the classroom. It enhances concepts being taught, helping students make connections. It keeps them focused and on target of objective.

2. Should students be held accountable for stations/centers? Yes,you need to hold all students accountable for use and purpose in the learning environment. World Culture & Geography is such a large subject that leads to so many connections in culture. Six graders need many perimeters in place to guide them in learning. I will have Exit Tickets or Responses made for
using technology. It will help them stay focused & creates ownership in learning.

3.Visit two applicable links to the interactive websites. I thought Thinkfinity had some great apps that I could easily incorporate into centers. National Geographic Atlas was great for reinforcing geography. I would give several tasks for each group to complete & check their screens for grades. Essay Map allows students to bring more information to class discussions with mini research projects & visuals. I also liked Learning Games for Kids for extra geography work.

4. List apps useful for iPod/iPad: I liked several Brainpop activities & also liked Google Earth & Discovery Channel. I would use journal entries for students to complete for summaries, answering questions, illustrations etc....

5. Other ways to use iPod/iPad: I would assign countries for each table & they keep journal entries each day for different categories such as economics, government, dress, food and create visuals to present to class comparing their data to other countries.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

TOOL # 8 Taking a Look at the Tools

*Things I have learned:
Using the Netbook, Angela did an excellent job demonstrating how easy it is to take still photos and use the timer. Saving these photos was easy as 1-2-3. Because I will be using iPads in my classroom, I learned iTunes account is our friend and I can download content to my laptop in which will be a useful tool to show on iPads. The 11 screens have unbelievable storage space for these devices. I need a lot of practice using my iTunes account & will need to find myself an EXPERT helper.

*Classroom Management:
Before using any technology in the classroom, I will need to have clear guidelines & expectations posted in the class. Websites allowed for use will also be posted for each project & a hardcopy for each student. Every student & parent must sign & return the SBISD AUP policy found in the Student Handbook. Computer access will be denied for those who don't follow the district policy.
I will assign trustworthy students to pass out & store each device. These routines will be created during TEAM planning and used in all 6th grade social studies' classes. Consequences for improper use will be discussed & created by classes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TOOL # 7 Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

I would use the Edmodo Network and begin teaming within the classroom 1st semester. This would enable me to keep up with progress of each group. Each table would research cultural attributes of individual countries from the same continent. I really enjoyed "Show the World" because it compared data with several categories of different choices to use. In the beginning I would select a couple and allow the class to compare data. And hopefully, I would venture out into collaboration of TEAM members with the same class periods from Ms.Ratterree's classes. We both need much prior vocabulary building to be successful during research. Eventually we would take the same skill into more complex ideas from energy needs and resources available by predicting and monitoring countries assigned. Each group would create graphs and post data on classroom graphs.

"My Wonderful World" was a great site for testing geography skills. Making geography skill a priority is a must and this would allow students to have fun at home. The Arts is an area that is also lacking and would be interesting to team up with other classes on projects by downloading videos and visuals using youtube and Picassa. I plan on using iPads during classroom instruction throughout the year for reinforcing concepts being taught.

Monday, July 25, 2011

TOOL # 6 Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion in & out of the Classroom

Edmodo would be a useful tool for checking progress with individual students or groups.  I would create questions for students to answer prior to lessons for outside exploration. For example- Please practice "Civic Virtue" this weekend and share your experiences in your journals.

I would definitely use Poll Everywhere.  It had a lot of features that could easily be manipulated to teach different categories of government. Students would be given the opportunities to demonstrate voting.   This would lead to some wonderful class discussions.

Monday, July 18, 2011

TOOL # 5 Producing With Web 2.0 Tools

I spent several hours exploring Tool #5 applications and really enjoyed all the possibilities of technology in the classroom.  Stupeflix Studio & Aniomoto are great attentions grabbers for new units and concepts.  I would use both as introductions & summaries.  The Word Cloud Generators will be quite useful for vocabulary development especially for my ESOL students.  Wordle Tutorial was very easy to manipulate and fun!!! Makebeliefscomix was also very easy &  I was successful creating 1 cartoon.  It was emailed to my account but I was unable to put on my blog.  BigHugeLabs will give my students many choices for project ideas.   I am very thankful for the youtube videos attached to each applications but still need more assistance.